Karmeleons Community Update: 3/29/2022

In honor of #Krewsday, I wanted to put together a little community update on what has been happening in the Karmeleons NFT community for the past month of March.

Karmeleon with skater hat and bomber jacket.

We started celebrating #Krewsday this month, bringing a little fun to our community and Twitter timelines during the traditional work week. It has gotten a lot of new eyes on the project, which has led to bringing new people into the community as well as some exciting milestones and announcements.

Let’s talk numbers. Throughout the month of March, we’ve seen growth of 94% of revealed Karmeleons mints. We are about to cross over 400 mints, which will be an exciting day for the group. During this period of growth, we’ve also maintained a 45% unique holder-to-mint ratio within the community. Meaning, not just current holders are buying Karmeleons, we are continually bringing in new members of the community.

What did this drive in growth mean to the community? The “OG 333” was sold out, which was set aside for the holders of the first 333 Karmeleons. This triggered a few very exciting announcements. To celebrate #Krewsday on 3/29/2022, the Karmeleons creator also airdropped a new Karmeleon to the holders of the OG 333 mints! Solidifying itself as a project that over-delivers, as this was not even on the project roadmap!

OG 333 Karmeleon, wearing OG branded apparel.

We have also partnered with a web3 native streetwear label, W3AR to have a free apparel drop to the holders of the “OG 333.” Their mission aligns with ours, in that sustainability and quality matter over anything, it has been a great partnership. W3AR also made an announcement that “OG 333” holders will be receiving an NFT version of the apparel, an unexpected addition that was met with a lot of excitement.

Finally, the community and the project creator have begun planting trees ahead of schedule. What this has resulted in is driving the Karmeleons NFT project carbon negative. This is what I am most proud of when it comes to the project, and something that we continually push to maintain. NFT’s often get a bad reputation as having a negative environmental impact, and the Karmeleons are taking easy steps to counter that.

I will end with an exciting technical update from the project. The minting site now support CoinBase Wallet. When the project was launched, it had only supported MetaMask so this was very exciting. Giving more people in the NFT community accesibility to the Karmeleons.

More updates coming soon! Be sure to follow the projects Twitter page to stay up to date: https://twitter.com/karmeleonsNFT

Minting now: https://karmeleonsnft.com/



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